3 Travel Must Haves - Summer 2024

1. A good backpack

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One of the most important travel item that I always make sure to bring along is a backpack. Not only is it useful for traveling with a laptop/tablet in the airport, but I also tend to make a lot of trips out into nature and I need a quality backpack to bring my food, water, first aid kit, and entertainment with. 


When choosing a backpack it is important to have a solid one to carry all your items in but also one that is comfortable for long walks. 


Also make sure to pick the right color. If you have one that is too light you might see dirty spots on it faster. But also don't pick a black one because those get very hot in the summer. I always tend to go with a dark blue or grey color


2. Mini Travel Bags

I can't go traveling without my collection of travel bags :) I have various travel bags each with its own purpose haha. 


Firstly, if you are a makeup girlie like me you need a makeup travel bag. One that can carry all your makeup but still be compact to fit right into your suitcase. 


Secondly, I am also a skincare girlie so I have various bag for my skincare products. Since some skincare products come in big bottles make sure to choose a big bag that can fit all. You can best go for a 3 piece.


Lastly, I don't like bringing too much jewelry on my travels cause I don't want to loose anything. So I always make sure that the jewelry I bring is in one place and can easily be carried with my in my hand luggage. For that you need a mini jewelry box with different compartments for all your items. 


3. Handy Travel Gadgets

I can't go anywhere without my gadgets. They make travel life so much easier. I have lenses and on long flights that can be really tiring for the eyes. So I always take them out. I carry a super useful tool with me to have everything in one place and make the process of taking them out easily. 


What you also need if your are obsessed with fragrances like me is mini perfume bottles that can be refilled. You can easily bring your favorite fragrances on your trip without having to bring the heavy bottles along.


Google maps, your phone worst enemy when it comes to battery life. If you use it frequently on your trip make sure to get a solar power bank to always be able to charge your phone and don't end up in the middle on nowhere.


Lastly, I always bring a portable fan with me to the beach. It can be really refreshing for this extra hot days.