Black Friday Sale Shein

Black Friday sales have begun at Shein! It's getting better, you can get extra discount with my code Izabela

For this campaign I got some cute clothes from Shein to try on and make outfits. I just posted an outfit video on TikTok and Instagram to inspire you with some fall outfits with my new items.


For reference I am wearing the smallest size for each item so this can either be XS or S. If you get some skirts pay attention to the waist sizes. I got mine in XS but they were still too big, I had to adjust them myself and sew them to fit my waist.


The items for this campaign are marked with an S in the right corner. Other items I already own for quite some time and may be sold out. I still managed to link replacements for you <3

Outfit 1

Black Friday sale Shein. Fall outfit inspiration by sweetinstabella. Mirror selfie wearing a beige blazer, beige plaid skirt, beige heels boots, white sweater and beige shoulder bag

Outfit 2

Fall outfit inspiration with pleated brown skirt, brown heels boots, and beige cropped sweater from Shein

Outfit 3

Fall outfit inspiration with black over knee boots, black turtle neck crop top and a white tweed skirt from Shein. Mirror selfie by sweetinstabella

Outfit 4

Autumn outfit. Sweetinstabella mirror selfie wearing white heels ankle boots, with white blouse dress from Shein and a grey plaid coat.