Revolve - New Items

I got some new items from Revolve I wanted to share with you. I love shopping at Revolve so much because their style is just so pretty and special. You always find special designs other than you could get at a fast fashion store. All items are linked <3

Black split midi dress from Revolve. Summer outfit inspiration by Influencer Sweetinstabella


You might know I recently got a white midi dress from Revolve. However, I was so obsessed with how it was hugging my figure that I also had to get it in black. This dress is so perfect for a night out. I wore it out to dinner last week. What I love most about this dresses is that the split is in the right place for the legs to show. I got such a dress in the past from Bershka and Primark but the split was too much on the side which was not making the legs very visible.

Summer outfit by Influencer Sweetinstabella. Beige crop and white pleated skirt with white Nikes


The pleated skirt is never going out of style cause it is just too cute. I don't really owned a good white pleated skirt so I had to get one. What caught my attention when seeing this skirt is the detail on the side with the string. I think it gives your outfit a lovely appearance and makes the outfit more stylish. 

Simple jeans summer outfit with beige crop tank top and white Nikes


It has been a long time since I have seen outfits with skinny jeans. The wide leg pants have been such a hype lately. But the skinny jeans are coming back in style so I had to get myself a new pair.